About us

The Buckeye Nerds

I.T Consulting & more.

At Buckeye Nerds we offer more than laptop and PC repairs. Our skilled technicians are capable of giving a complete overhaul to your PC to ensure that it runs faster like the day you bought it. We offer repairs, maintenance contracts and optimization services for all makes and models.

Our mission at Buckeye Nerds is simple. We offer a comprehensive PC repair and maintenance service along with support for a number of other devices. So anything to do with installation and troubleshooting of your computer system, to setting up your business VPN service to installation of your new LCD television, simply give us a call. We take care of anything to do with technology.

Our state-of-the-art customer service center is manned with dedicated experienced technicians. The team addresses your problem with minimal waiting time, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Where we are

Buckeye Nerds, a computer repair company based in Ohio.

P.O. BOX 726
Columbus, OH
+1 (614) 401-NERD

Who we are

There was a time when a minor system failure would have required the services of a computer repair company and the response time would have been at least a week. Times have changed, so have the types of problems with computers and the expectations from a computer repair company.  A computer repair company is expected to offer much more than quick turnaround times and effective resolution to the problem at hand. Fixing the pertinent or the most pressing issue is only a normal expectation and a computer repair company must transcend beyond the obvious in present times.

This is where Buckeye Nerds comes into the picture providing reliable, fast and cost effective solutions for any problem that may occur with your device. Having a reliable computer support team is an extremely convenient option that directly reduces the downtime and increases the productivity of your family members or employees.

How it started

Buckeye Nerds was started by a group of computer geeks. Whatever the problem may be; our experienced technicians will ensure that it is resolved in the least possible time with the utmost convenience for you.

Our management core group comprises our founder and owner Brandon, our director William, design director John and marketing director Tyler.